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Beef Luc Lac (French style) nummy nummy french style beef  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 4   Originality: 3 Review: beef was very tender . sauce was good, but i like things very zesty(: and that was perfect for me. although there was alot of pepper. i thought it was delicious(:
it was one of THE ONLY dishes i liked that we ordered.

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newest Restaurant reviews
Tan Cang Newport Seafood Restaurant horrible..  on 8/1/2010
Overall: 1   Service: 2   Decor: 2   Clean: 2   Price: $$$ Review: nothing like the other newport seafood restaurant only two blocks away (thats delicious). the lady that worked there was horrible. she was quite annoying.. the place didnt loook TOO badd, but they could use a makeover. honestly, out of the 4 or 5 dishes we ordered.. i liked 2. and i will do individual dish ratings, but i do not recommend this restaurant. (the one down the street is bomb(; )

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D J Bibingkahan filipino food  on 7/31/2010
Overall: 4   Service: 3   Decor: 2   Clean: 3   Price: $$ Review: pretty good food. service is okay. everyone in there is like.. watching wowwowwee or sumthing. hahaaha(: not tooo clean, kind of greasy food.

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Restaurant Photo Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights frostbites - really good ice cream/ sorbet kinda thing. idunno its delicious. (:  on 7/31/2010
Overall: 5   Service: 5   Decor: 4   Clean: 5   Price: $$ Review: so heres the deal, pretty good restaurant. good area, located near nickel nickel & a coffee shop. their ice cream/sorbet/frozencustard/thingy is delicious, really inexpensive(: affordable, i recommnend trying it. the orange cream flavor is delicious. (:

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