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Ricanelas Yum!  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 5   Presentation: 3   Originality: 5 Review: Ok. wow. So I bought this flavor mostly because I like to try strange things that I cannot recognize. Ricanelas wasn't a familiar flavor but I loved it the moment I tasted it and I later found out the primary ingredients were snickerdoodle dough and cinnamon. It was absolutely uplifting! Enough Said!

OH and an aside.. I was quitting ice cream after that night at the creamery. This was a painful yet wonderful way to begin my resistance to excess calories and sugar! But YOU should still go eat some!

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream Talk about Unique!  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 3   Originality: 5 Review: I never thought salt would be good in ice cream but boy was I wrong. The tinge of saltiness balances out the ample sweetness of the caramel just perfectly. A wonderful one time experience like eating garlic ice cream but not sure if I'd get it over and over again.

SOrry.. could not take photo :(

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Food Review Photo of Dish Gnocchi Alla Zafferano Unique and delightful  on 7/28/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 3   Originality: 5 Review: So last week I reviewed a Gnocchi dish at Pasta? in Palo Alto and basically tore it apart because it deserved to be. This week I tried another gnocchi dish at a much more authentic Italian restaurant in SF - E Tutto Qua.

The gnocchi alla zafferano normally comes with clams but I had mine without. The little pasta dumplings at Tutto were cooked to perfection and definitely fresh. The zafferano or saffron was fragrant and not overpowered by a light white wine sauce. The dish could have used a few more veggies and maybe just a little more zest and flavor to the sauce. But overall, better than most!

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