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enoch - Food Lovers Unite!

I created foodee to help others share their taste bud experiences with everyone. Going to a new restaurant can be confusing because you don't really know what to order. I wanted to create a way to solve that problem through!

I hope this website helps you find the best dishes to order. I love to eat out, and will be constantly adding my own reviews to this site.

Favorite Foods:
Japanese and Chinese Food
Favorite Drinks:
Taro Icee, Long Island, Tokyo Teas
Picky About:
Sushi, Asian Foods

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Rok Sushi Kitchen tes  on 8/14/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: tes

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Restaurant Photo Aoba Japanese Restaurant tes  on 8/14/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: ttest

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Restaurant Photo Bonzai Beach tes  on 8/14/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: ttest

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Restaurant Photo Fusion Sushi test  on 8/14/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: test

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Mochilato Mochi ice cream in all types of flavors  on 7/31/2010
Overall: 5   Service: 4   Decor: 5   Clean: 4   Price: $$$ Review: This place is great because they offer you mochi ice cream in a bunch of different flavors. It's very unique. You can also order different ice cream dishes, or just drinks. This place is more like a tea station or cafe. But, if you want to try out different flavors for mochi ice cream come here! It's much better than the typical coffee, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and green tea flavors you find in the stores.

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Pho 99 Noodle & Grill Decent Pho Place  on 7/30/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 2   Clean: 3   Price: $ Review: This place was alright. Pretty average for a typical Vietnamese Pho restaurant. Would I come here again? Probably.

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Tres Agaves Offsale Roseville Nice Restaurant, Good Service, and Decent Food  on 7/30/2010
Overall: 4   Service: 5   Decor: 4   Clean: 5   Price: $$$ Review: Overall, I enjoyed this place. There was a bit of the wait when we got there though. The servers were really nice, and they have a happy hour menu too.

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Quality Seafood So-So Place to Eat By the Pier  on 7/30/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 2   Decor: 2   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: Well, there is all types of food you can get I guess your experience depends on what you get. It is located next to the pier by all the sail boats. I thought their food was average. I think I would just come here to get fast seafood cooked for me by the pier. Seating is outdoors and on a patio.

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Indian Restaurant Indian Beer House like a wannabe Asian Hooters Taiwanese Restaurant  on 7/30/2010
Overall: 4   Service: 3   Decor: 4   Clean: 3   Price: $$ Review: If you like Taiwanese food, beer, and Asian girls serving you food and drinks, this is the place for you. I've come here several times, and always enjoyed the food and cheap beer. Their menu is mostly Taiwanese food, so it's different than typical Chinese food places. I would say the Taiwanese food is pretty authentic too.

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El Segundo Fish Co Best Fish and Chips in El Segundo  on 7/30/2010
Overall: 5   Service: 3   Decor: 4   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: I love their fish and chips here. You can get the Halibut fish instead. It cost a little more, but it's well worth it. If you like comfort seafood, this is the place. Fried yummy goodness. You can grab free peanuts while you wait. If you have kids, they can draw pictures on the paper table cover.

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