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I am a food lover. I travel to many places and always get serious to try either restaurants recommended or to search for a new advanture. I have a way of visually exam and tell which restaurant I should try or avoid. Of course when I find a good restaurant I almost always like to comment on the dishes and prices and services.
I do honest reviews and like to even review dishes that I did not order. Because I can see the presentation and almost can taste the dishes without actually tasting it. Yes I am that good!

Favorite Foods:
Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese foods.
Favorite Drinks:
I like mostly sweet after dinner wines
Picky About:
Good Chinese dishes and American dishes if the price is high.

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Special Chirashi or Chirashi This dish used to be top but still good just not as good as before  on 7/29/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: Sometimes I get shreded daikon (white radish) and othertimes I don't included in this dish. Yes, I prefer to have daikon. Ask for the daikon becasue I think the correct way to eat Chirashi is with daikon. Every piece of fish must be fresh without exceptions. Being a busy restaurant, Mikuni has no problem providing fresh Chirashi. The challenge is how many pieces and what varieties of fish you get. If you really love Chirashi, I would recommend Sheige Sushi on Madison Ave. in Sacramento. Check out that restaurant. Sheige gives you a more beautiful presentation of Chirashi with about 14-16 pieces of fish. Mikuni is fine for its Chirashi but Sheige is better.

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Soup and Salad combo Creamy soup with Spinach green salad  on 7/28/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 5   Originality: 5 Review: The soup was excellent to tast but hard to digest later. This maybe due to the creamy aspect of the soup. I thought the spinach salad was on the light side meaning there were not enough leaves to eat. The dressing was little sweet and just right for the taste. Of course few pieces of cheese added well to the taste buds. Other than the quantity of the salad, I would say the combination tasted fine.

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Pepper Steak Cavatappi Pasta very tender beef  on 7/28/2010
Taste: 5   Presentation: 4   Originality: 5 Review: The tenderloin deserves its name because it is tender to eat the beef. The sauce is good with mushroom and the tomatoes chopped were generous. This is a pasta dish and the meat with the mushroom and peppercorn sauce was filling. The taste was quite Italian! nothing spicy and I am okay with that. If you like Parmesan cheese, it does have a final layer on top of the sauce. I would enjoy the dish with the cheese or without it. I would order it again if I am hungry for beef and pasta.

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