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amber - I love uni!

I was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. The last 15 years, I've resided in Orange County. Growing up, my father cooked for us everyday. He would take us to restaurants and make us guess the ingredients in the dishes we ate. Okay, so he was always better than me when I was a child, but now I'd say I'm pretty good. My husband, Charn Premyodhin, is a chef and has taught me volumes about food ingredients, the way different elements are prepared, refined taste, and overall heightening my awareness of the exact state of the food I am eating. I absolutely love food and feel that it is one of the greatest enjoyments in life next to children and snowboarding.

Favorite Foods:
I have favorites in every genre of food.
Favorite Drinks:
Vodka drinks.
Picky About:
Sushi, dry-aged prime beef, oysters, freshness of seafood, and bread.

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Food Review Photo of Dish House special noodle okay, weird  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 3   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: First of all, these noodles were burnt, but not cooked on the belly side. The sauce was not that good. The shrimp they used was of low quality since it had the preservative taste of shrimp that come frozen, peeled, and de-veined. Octopus? Since when did Chinese noodles come with octopus...very strange. What happened to the squid? When we tried to return this dish because it was burnt, the waitress gave us a long 2 minute explanation about how we didn't order the crunchy noodles with our house special noodle dish. Then she just walked away. I was staring at the dish and could plainly see it was crunchy noodles that were burnt. So much for good service.

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Food Review Photo of Dish Ongchoy w/garlic veggies  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 3   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: I love ongchoy. This one was average. Not great, not bad. Vegetables are good for you. So with that in mind, it was okay.

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Food Review Photo of Dish Clam w/spicy hot sauce Clams  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 3   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: The clams were very fresh. They were small, but good. The sauce had too much corn starch. It was thick. The taste of the sauce was mediocre. Nothing special.

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Food Review Photo of Dish Braised crab meat w/fish maw soup Blah, fish maw soup.  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 2   Presentation: 2   Originality: 3 Review: This soup was disappointing. There was no crab meat to be seen. The fish maw was not soaked long enough. It was slightly tough. Yuck! They used so much corn starch, I felt as if I was eating corn starch soup with some ingredients in it. Don't get me wrong, I know the soup is made with corn starch, but they used way too much. It was so thick and yucky. Also, the portion was small for the price. What a rip off!

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Food Review Photo of Dish Beef Luc Lac (French style) Yummy French style beef  on 8/1/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: The beef was perfectly cooked and tender. It did make me happy to eat it. You don't get a lot of beef, but it is a good cut of beef probably not prime though.

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