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Harlem's Kitchen

 (1 Review)

8150 Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 573-3929

Categories: Chinese

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Hole in the wall, but TASTES good by spoiledoxygen on 8/1/2010
Overall: 4   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $ Review: This place is a small stall at the corner of a food court inside a Chinese strip mall. But you can see there is ALWAYS a long long line, kinda depressing compared to other stalls that get little business. Their specialty is Hong Kong style noodles, porridge (congee) and stir fried noodles. Very affordable and very good. Their wonton is big and filled with shrimp. It has a taste of Hong Kong, and their congee is great too. One bad thing is that you can feel the large amount of sodium (or maybe even msg) you had consumed afterwards and also they serve their food on Styrofoam so I advice against eating this everyday!
Picky About: Dim Sum

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