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Mikuni Japanese Restaurant

 (1 Review)

4323 Hazel Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 961-2112

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar

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Mikuni is cool but Mikuni in the 80's and 90's was even better. by EatingIsTheWay on 7/29/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 3   Decor: 3   Clean: 3   Price: $$$ Review: Mikuni came a long way since 1980's when it was a regular restaurant on Hazel Ave. in Sacramento. It has expanded in space and created many interesting sushi rolls and dishes. I missed the all-you-can-eat salard bar and the owner decided to get rid of the salad bar for whatever reasons!!! I missed it. This is why I said that Mikuni was even better in the 80's or 90's. Each dish had more on the plate. To be fair to Mikuni, the quantity is acceptable (just not great like before) when you compare what you get from other Japanese restaurants. No question about the quality: they are always fresh and I feel safe to eat here. I would not just go and eat at a so called Japanes restaurant with a Japanese name. Yes, you do need to watch out for that. A Japanese restaurant run by Japanese style management is clean and strict to food safety (I believe). Unlike some places (not to name them here), they have much more to be desired in the cleanliness. For example, the knife used to cut raw meat (other than fish) should not be used to cut raw fish. This place has a bar as you enter and a beautiful salt water fish tank to see and feel relaxed. The place is up beat and lots of business people attend as well as families. I prefer lunch menus for the bento boxes because they are better for the value. You do feel welcomed as you enter with the greetings. The wheel to turn for birthday persons should be adding more real gifts not just cheap cups, bag of rice or T shirt. Afterall, this is your birthday and you already spent lots of money inviting friends to eat here. How about that, Mikuni management?
Picky About: Good Chinese dishes and American dishes if the price is high.

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