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Yanagi Japanese Bistro

 (1 Review)

2400 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 372-6500

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar

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Cozy Restaurant, but Small Portions by Enoch on 7/29/2010
Overall: 3   Service: 5   Decor: 4   Clean: 4   Price: $$$$ Review: Supposedly this place got a lot of good reviews, but when I went, our portions were extremely small for the price being paid. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, or maybe it's better to come here during lunch. I ordered the assorted sashimi, and when it came out, I was shocked to see how small the pieces were and how few pieces I got. I also ordered a roll, but had to order more food, cause I was still hungry.

The fish was pretty fresh. For the price though, I know better sushi places. The restaurant is small, but the decor is pretty nice. We got a table instead of sitting at the sushi bar.

Picky About: Sushi, Asian Foods

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