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 (1 Review)

3909 Park Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 941-9694

Categories: American

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Nice American fusion hidden in El Dorado Hills, CA by EatingIsTheWay on 7/28/2010
Overall: 4   Service: 4   Decor: 5   Clean: 5   Price: $$$$ Review: Sienna is located in a small shopping mall in the El Dorado Hills. It is located near few other retail and office complex with European look. Actually it is a pleasure just to walk around the area. The decor is nice and it was my first visit. I noticed another dish (next table ordered it)called sesame tofu over celandro rice at over $11 for lunch menu. I did not order the dish but thought that this dish was expansive. If you like atomosphere this is very nice for indoor or outdoor eating. I only tried one dish and my wife tried one. That is the extend of our experience with food they serve. I will be back to modify my comments after I try more dishes.
Picky About: Good Chinese dishes and American dishes if the price is high.

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