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Braised crab meat w/fish maw soup

 (1 Review)

A soup with real crab meat, fish maw, and egg whites.

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Food Review Photo of Dish Blah, fish maw soup. by Amber on 8/1/2010
Taste: 2   Presentation: 2   Originality: 3 Review: This soup was disappointing. There was no crab meat to be seen. The fish maw was not soaked long enough. It was slightly tough. Yuck! They used so much corn starch, I felt as if I was eating corn starch soup with some ingredients in it. Don't get me wrong, I know the soup is made with corn starch, but they used way too much. It was so thick and yucky. Also, the portion was small for the price. What a rip off!
Picky About: Sushi, dry-aged prime beef, oysters, freshness of seafood, and bread.

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Tan Cang Newport Seafood Restaurant

 (2 Reviews)

10541 Bolsa Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 554-3996

Categories: Chinese

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