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Special Chirashi or Chirashi

 (1 Review)

This is a dish where you get sashimi (cuts of raw fish pieces) over sushi rice (should be cold and with sugar and vinigar flovor) plus the decorative pieces depending on the chef.

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This dish used to be top but still good just not as good as before by EatingIsTheWay on 7/29/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 3   Originality: 3 Review: Sometimes I get shreded daikon (white radish) and othertimes I don't included in this dish. Yes, I prefer to have daikon. Ask for the daikon becasue I think the correct way to eat Chirashi is with daikon. Every piece of fish must be fresh without exceptions. Being a busy restaurant, Mikuni has no problem providing fresh Chirashi. The challenge is how many pieces and what varieties of fish you get. If you really love Chirashi, I would recommend Sheige Sushi on Madison Ave. in Sacramento. Check out that restaurant. Sheige gives you a more beautiful presentation of Chirashi with about 14-16 pieces of fish. Mikuni is fine for its Chirashi but Sheige is better.
Picky About: Good Chinese dishes and American dishes if the price is high.

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Mikuni Japanese Restaurant

 (1 Review)

4323 Hazel Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 961-2112

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar

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