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Assorted Sashimi (L)

 (1 Review)

Large plate of assorted sashimi.

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Not Worth The Price by Enoch on 7/29/2010
Taste: 3   Presentation: 2   Originality: 2 Review: Seriously...they call this a large portion? When they brought this to my table, I was shocked. I felt like I would have gotten more sushi if I ordered each piece separately. I thought the whole point of getting a combo plate was to get a little bit more fish.

Anyways, I was super disappointed with how little sashimi we got. It tasted good, for what was there, but it was not worth $18.

Picky About: Sushi, Asian Foods

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Yanagi Japanese Bistro

 (1 Review)

2400 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 372-6500

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar

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