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Soup and Salad combo

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Soup of the day was creamy garlic with parmesan topped with fried leeks.

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Creamy soup with Spinach green salad by EatingIsTheWay on 7/28/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 5   Originality: 5 Review: The soup was excellent to tast but hard to digest later. This maybe due to the creamy aspect of the soup. I thought the spinach salad was on the light side meaning there were not enough leaves to eat. The dressing was little sweet and just right for the taste. Of course few pieces of cheese added well to the taste buds. Other than the quantity of the salad, I would say the combination tasted fine.
Picky About: Good Chinese dishes and American dishes if the price is high.

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 (1 Review)

3909 Park Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 941-9694

Categories: American

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