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Sakedon (Salmon Sashimi)

 (2 Reviews)

Salmon sashimi on top of rice.

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Food Review Photo of Dish My Favorite Dish Here by Enoch on 7/28/2010
Taste: 4   Presentation: 4   Originality: 3 Review: Well, I think I've probably ordered this about 30 times, since I come here so often. That being said, it is pretty good most of the time. It's hard to go wrong with salmon sashimi. However, there were a few times when the fish wasn't as fresh as I like it. If you like salmon sashimi, I would recommend you order this. The price is extremely reasonable too!
Picky About: Sushi, Asian Foods

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O Shun Sushi

 (1 Review)

357 Main St
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 640-9630

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar

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