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About was created to help you find the best dishes and restaurants in your area. "What should I order at this restaurant?" Foodee answers that question by allowing users to find and share dish reviews based on taste, presentionation, and originality.

The Focus: All About The Dish!

Most review websites are focused around the restaurant instead of the dish. As a result, you have to read and sort through hundreds of reviews to figure out which dishes people recommend. It's not very efficient or user friendly. was built with the dish in mind, so you can easily find the most delicious dishes being served in your area.

The Difference: It's in our Ratings!

Have you noticed that most restaurant review websites only offer one option for their ratings? That doesn't paint an accurate picture about a restaurant. Maybe the food is great, but the service is horrible. Maybe the service is wonderful, but the decor is shaby. That information can be hard to find on other websites. To solve this problem, has added a very specific rating system for our dishes and restaurants.

Or Dish Ratings:
  • Taste Rating
  • Presentation Rating
  • Originality Rating
Our Restaurant Ratings:
  • Overall Rating
  • Service Rating
  • Decor Rating
  • Cleanliness Rating
  • Price Rating is a more evolved review website offering more valuable information on dishes and restaurants.

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